Hunter in Runescape

To be a hunter is also a nice way to earn Runescape Gold – some guys may interested in what you got in a hunting. The Hunter skill is unlike many other skills in-game, being based moreover on patience above training strategy. Players that have started this skill have experienced tracking and catching numerous animals, most of which are newly introduced.

The Hunter skill also introduced a new range of equipment, some of which includes tribal-like helms, capes, gloves, and even live animals! In order to start hunting you must buy hunting equipment from players or from hunting stores. Hunting stores are located in Yanille and Nardah (south-east of Pollnivneach).


Once you have your equipment, you’re all set to hunt. The first animals you are able to hunt are Crimson Swifts and Polar Kebbits. The Crimson Swifts are located in the Jungle Hunting Area, and the Polar Kebbits are located in the Snow Hunting Area. For more details visit their respective sections.

There is a lot of hunter equipment that is available from hunter stores in certain places throughout RuneScape. These include traps, snares and different tools used to trap or provoke the creatures of Runescape.

The following table describes all of the Hunter equipment you can purchase and use from Hunter stores

The Hunter Crossbow requires level 50 ranged to use, and gives +55 range attack bonus. It uses kebbit bolts, which are akin to adamant arrows in power.