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Runescape: Prayer Apparel

There are many different prayers that will do many different things, and different things can bring you different numbers of RS Gold. So praying can decide whether you could be powerful and strong in a way.

When you turn a prayer on it will start draining your prayer points until you have zero prayer points, and you will have to recharge your prayer. This chart also indicates how fast each will drain your prayer points.

Runescape: Prayer Apparel

When you wear clothing that has prayer properties, your prayer equipment stat will rise. Your prayer equipment stat is located in the equipment stat window. The higher your prayer equipment stat is the longer it takes for you to run out of prayer points. This means you will be able to use prayers for longer without having to recharge your prayer points.

There is only one metal-type of armor which is prayer-based: white knight equipment. All pieces of white knight weapons and armour give a +1 boost to prayer, with the mace giving +4.

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