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Some Normal Ammo of Runescape

You can range with many different kinds of weapons and ammo; there are plenty of options to choose, of course, you must have enough Runescape Gold, which plays an important role in this game.

There are six types of arrows: bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune. Bronze through adamant arrows are for Free Players, and Members can use all types. Members can also poison their arrows by using weapon poison on the arrows. When you shoot arrows, you must have a bow of some sort equipped. Each arrow has a specific bow needed to be equipped. You cannot wield a Rune Arrows with an Oak Bow, for example.

In addition, a lot of the time, your arrows will break and you will not be able to use them. When your arrows break, they will just disappear while the ones that are already broken on the ground are nothing more than junk spawns. Your arrows will only break about 25% of the time, however if you use the rapid attack style, they will break more often.

Some Normal Ammo of Runescape

Members have a wide array of bolts available for them to use with their crossbows. Players have the choice to stick with regular metal bolts, or add gem tips to them. The regular metal bolts can be poisoned, whilst gem-tipped ones cannot be – they can however, be enchanted using some interesting spells that are available through the Enchant crossbow spell.

Zybez RuneScape Help’s Screenshot of a Crossbow Bolt Pouch
For players who may wish to carry a number of bolts around with them, there are special bolt pouches which you are able to buy from a Keldagrim dwarf salesman. They are untradable, and will disintergrate if dropped, with your bolts appearing on the ground. The pouch has four slots with which you can fill up with 255 of four different types of bolts. To add bolts, simply use them with the pouch. Players are able to toggle between equipped and stored bolts from the crossbow bolt pouch menu.

Mithril Grapple
The mithril grapple is a tool used for scaling tall obstacles such as walls, cliffs and even small river inlets. Rangers can smith a mithril grapple tip using a mith bar, and attach it to a mithril bolt. Once you have the mithril grapple, simply add rope to it and then use it on whichever shortcut you want to bypass. Note that you must have a crossbow equipped to shoot the grapple. Also remember that there is a possibility that your grapply can break when being used, so keep a few on hand or in your bank if you intend to use these shortcuts a lot.