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Runescape: Runecrafting

Do you heard about the Runecrafting, which is a free to play skill – don’t cost any Runescape Gold. It was released along with the completed version of RuneScape. Since then, a lot of players have taken the arduous task of binding their runes.

A few prefer to buy them from magic stores or attain them from monsters. Runecrafting allows players to craft the runes as long as you have the correct level and equipment to craft them – bind the power of the ancient runes with rune essence, which is mined within special locations around RuneScape that only certain magical beings can allow entrance to.

The only requirement for the Runecrafting skill is to complete the Rune Mysteries Quest. This quest begins on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle, by speaking with Duke Horacio.

Zybez RuneScape Help’s Screenshot of the Nature Rune Altar
Runecrafting is a long process; however the idea is quite unique. The first step is mining the rune essence needed in order to craft runes. The only place to get this rune essence is the rune essence mines which are only accessible through the powerful wizards of RuneScape. So to get to the rune essence mines you must talk to one of the following magicians.

Runescape: Runecrafting

Sedridor – Basement of the Wizards Tower
Aubury – Varrock Rune shop [Closest to bank - F2P]
Wizard Cromperty – East Ardougne
Wizard Distentor – The Head of the Magic Guild [Closest to bank - Members]
Brimstail – The Hollowed Rock in the south-west part of Tree Gnome Stronghold.
After arriving at the Rune Essence, find a mining spot and click “Mine”. There are two types of Rune Essence. All free players will get normal essence which can only be used to craft mind, body, air, water, earth and fire runes. Members with 30 mining or above will receive Pure Essence which can be used to create all runes. Note that you will receive the same experience, despite which type of essence you mine. You will automatically fill your inventory with these magical rocks. Once you are done, just enter a nearby portal, and you will be teleported back where you came from.

The next step is turning the rune essence into actual runes. Take the talisman of the rune you wish to make as well as your rune essence with you to the respective Runecrafting altar location and “Use” your talisman with the mysterious ruins. You will instantly be taken into the altar. Click “Craft” on the dolmen in the center of the altar and your rune essence will be turned into runes. To leave, simple use the portal you came in.

Repeating this process will raise your Runecrafting level and produce more runes.

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