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RuneScape Slayer Guide

Slayer is a skill in Runescape, which kills monsters to get Runescape Gold. This is a very special and difficult skill – not everyone can learn this. Unlike other skills in RuneScape where the training is repetitive, slayer is a very diverse skill.

Slayer is also a skill where you must prove yourself against many difficult monsters. Slayer awards experience based on the completion of certain tasks. If you want to explore the map whilst experiencing the thrills of combat, slaying is for you.

Another great reason to explore the slaying skill is slayer masters, who advise you on how to kill certain monsters. This information may help you in the future when entering the mysterious world of slaying.

The Process
To begin slaying you must talk to one of the slayer masters. Upon expressing interest in slaying, the slayer master will give you a slayer assignment. The slayer assignment will be to kill a certain number of a certain type of monster. Depending on the slayer master, your assignment could range from 12 birds to 190 dragons.

To help you on this assignment, the slayer master has also provided you with an “Enchanted Gem.” If you “Rub” the gem, you will be able to communicate with one of the slayer masters. They will tell you how many more monsters you have to kill, as well as the best techniques to use when fighting the monster. It is recommended that you always bring your gem along due to the information it provides. If you lose this gem, you can buy another one for 1gp from any slayer master.

RuneScape Slayer Guide

When you are done with your assignment, go back and talk to the slayer master for another one.

If you get a higher-level assignment that you are unhappy with, you can get a new, lower-level one from the Burthorpe slayer master, Turael. He only changes assignments offered by stronger slayer masters.

Slayer Masters
Around the RuneScape world, there are a number of slayer masters, which are all represented by the Zybez RuneScape Help’s City Key of a Slayer Master on the minimap. The tables below will tell you where they are located and what the difficulties of their assignments are. The list of monsters beside each master is the list of possible assignments the slayer master can give you.

Please note that you must have level 50 slayer and 100+ combat in order to use Duradel as your slayer master.

Slayer masters assign as few as 10 or as many as 199 monsters. The maximum number increases as you use higher level slayer masters. However, the minimum number does not increase, so it is possible to get 12 dark beasts from Duradel, or 12 birds from Turael (lowest slayer master).

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