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If you don’t want to loose your RS Gold, you should care about the thieves in the game – they would steal your money at any place, any time. Today I am going to show you two normal thieving – stall thieving and pick pocketing. Below is the details:

In the past, you could only thieve stalls in the city of Ardougne, however recently there have been many stall-thieving additions to the game. Stealing from stalls is a lot like chest looting; however, there are no traps on the stall. Instead, certain in game characters will be on the lookout for thieves like you and will fight you or knock you out if they catch you.

To thieve from a stall, right click and select “Steal from.” If nobody catches you in the act, you will take the items from the stall and they will appear in your inventory.

You may be caught by the stall owner or any guard type NPC surrounding the stall. To avoid this, try to stay out of their lines of sight.

Runescape: Stall Thieving And Pick Pocketing

When training the skill of thieving, the stall that require a high thieving level to steal from are not very useful because of their slow rates of respawn. I would recommend thieving from the Vegetable, Baker’s, Tea, Silk, Seed and Fur stalls for the best experience.

Pick pocketing is one of the major aspects of thieving since there are so many characters to pick pocket around RuneScape. To pick the pocket of a NPC, right click on it and select “Pickpocket.”

If you are successful, you will have gained some loot and thieving experience. If you fail, the NPC will stun you. When you are stunned, you will be unable to move.

Remember the higher the thieving level you have, the lower the chance that you will fail.

Pick pocketing will usually bring the best experience for thieving enthusiasts. The best NPC’s to thieve from for the most efficient training would be Men/Women, Warrior women, Warriors, Rogues, Master Farmers, Guards, Desert bandits, Knights of Ardougne, Yanille Watchmen and Paladins.