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Runescape: Brewing and Gnome Dishes

There are numerous drinks in RuneScape which can be brewed using the cooking skill. these drinks include Cider as well as ales and other alcoholic beverages, of course, you can earn some RS Gold by selling your drinks.

Many drinks yield a temporary stat boost when a player drinks them, but for the most part, they do not have any healing properties. Mature Ales offer a more potent skill level boost than their non-mature variants.

To create Cider, bring 4 Buckets and 16 Apples to either the Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys brewery. Crush the Apples on the Cider Press to obtain Apple Mush, which must be collected in your empty Buckets.

Runescape: Brewing and Gnome Dishes

Add the buckets of Apple Mush to the Fermenting Vat, and then use some Ale Yeast on the Fermenting Vat. The Cider will then ferment, which can take quite awhile (24 hours or more). After it has finished fermenting, turn the valve on the Fermentation Vat and then collect the brew from the barrel using either Beer Glasses or Calquat Kegs. Each barrel will make 8 glasses of Cider.

Ales are also created in either one of the Breweries. Add two Buckets of Water, two Barley Malts, the main ingredient, and finally a Pot of Ale Yeast to the Fermenting Vat. The order is important! Then, simply wait for it to ferment, and then collect it following the steps above.

Gnome Dishes
Gnome foods and beverages are mainly involved in the Gnome Restaurant Activity, in which you take food orders from different NPCs, create the meal, and then deliver it. The various dishes you can create are made up of unconventional ingredients which are unique to Gnomic cuisine, and can be found in a cookbook which you can obtain from Aluft Gianne Sr. in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. After you offer your help to him, he will give you a series of dishes to prepare. Once he is satisfied that you are prepared, you can begin the Gnome Restaurant Activity!

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