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Runescape: Ability Book

Have you heard about the Runescape, which is a popular MMORPG game in the world. If you want to have good game experience, a lot of Runescape Gold is needed.

In the game, your golds can improve your Ability Book, which was introduced into the game with the Evolution of Combat update with the aim of replacing special attacks, and is found on the tabs bar.

Each of the primary combat skills have their own abilities which have their own requirements, effects, ability class and cooldown period. All abilities can be used in both player vs monster and player vs player combat. An example is shown below, where you can see that the Smash ability requires you to wield a two-handed melee weapon and have at least 20 Attack. You can also choose to hide abilities for which you do not currently meet requirements by clicking the toggle option

Abilities are split into three main ability classes which generally determine how powerful they are and how long the cooldown period is. Each class of ability requires a certain percentage of the Adrenaline bar to be full before they can be used. In addition, some weapons possess a special attack ability designed to emulate pre-Evolution of Combat Special Attacks.

Runescape: Ability Book

It is worth noting that not every ability follows these principles. In particular, the constitution abilities tend to have a longer cooldown period. Basic abilities generate adrenaline, Threshold abilities consume a small amount of adrenaline, and Ultimate abilities drain the Adrenaline bar completely. In addition, some weapons possess the Special ability attribute, allowing use of a certain special attack with that weapon, designed to somewhat mimic the infamous Special Attacks prior to the EoC system implementation. For the most part they are unique, but some small classes of weapons share a special attack.

Ability classes are independent of individual skill levels, it is possible to have an ability that requires a high skill level but is only Basic, likewise it is possible to have an Ultimate ability with a low skill requirement.

Abilities labelled “Combo attack” must be given time to complete. If a subsequent ability is used while the combo attack is still in progress, the combo attack is cancelled. Abilities that are the same, for example the Backhand ability, Kick and Bash abilities will all cooldown at the same time to prevent continued used of stuns.

Abilities can also be placed in the action bar which allows players to quickly access their most used abilities by either clicking on them or by using the key a specific ability is bound to.

For the entirety of this guide, members abilities are marked with a slightly darker row colour.