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Runescape: Supporting Your God

Runescape is a popular MMORPG game, which has thousands of fans in many different countries. Runescape Gold plays an important role in the game, which can help you to explore the world. And with golds, you can support your God.

Both your score and the two factions’ collective scores can be seen on the scoreboard at the top of your in-game HUD. This overlay appears whenever you are nearby a war camp or a node. You can also check this information at any time by going to your ‘Adventures’ menu and selecting the ‘Bird and the Beast’ tab.

Runescape: Supporting Your God

The conflict centers around the gathering of divine energy found around Gielinor, with the purpose of powering massive weapons capable of destroying the other god. There is no central battlefield, rather, there are various sites located across the free world that can be claimed by players. Each god occasionally summons convoys to travel from site to site in order to collect divine energy.

As you aid your side by performing different tasks around these sites, you will gain renown which can be spent at your war camp for various rewards. You can obtain a maximum of 30,000 renown every day until the event ends. Below is a picture of the war map, which can be checked using your token, or by looking at the map within your war camp.

Neutral sites should be visited as soon as possible to claim, while enemy and friendly sites can be visited to attack or defend, respectively. Sites will be highlighted in yellow when a convoy is nearby.