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Runescape: Clan Setting

To access your clan settings, go to the clan tab (located under the Community tab, it’s the button with yellow cog and yellow person) and press Clan Settings (the yellow cog). A new window will pop up and you will be able to change a variety of settings for your clan.

The first screen you will encounter will contain a full list of your clanmates and their current rank and job. Their rank specifies their position within the clan and possible kicking powers. The available ranks are (from most to least important):

Deputy Owner
The job titles won’t have any influence on the powers players have in the clan chat, but can be useful for organising your clan or its events. Examples of jobs are Event Leader, Forum Bumper, Melee Leader and many more.

Changing a player’s rank, job or making him or her a Rated Clan Wars leader or Recruiter is only possible if you are the Clan Owner, an Admin or a Deputy Owner in the clan.

Clan Settings
This is where you will set the major settings for your clan. You can alter the following options:

Runescape: Clan Setting

Change your clan’s national flag.
Whether your events will be displayed in ‘Clan Time’ or in ‘Game Time’. The Game Time is GMT, Clan Time can be manually set.
What time the Clan Time should display.
Set what world you expect your members to use as home world.
Check if your clan is currently recruiting.
You can input your clan’s Thread ID, so whoever would be interested can find your forum thread.

This interface allows you to enter a small message that advertises your clan. Your message can be anywhere from 1 to 80 characters long. Be sure to make it descriptive, so possible applicants know what they will get themselves into. This motto will be shown on you Vexillum, so think it through!

Another feature that you can use to distinguish your clan from other clans is the motif. With the ability to choose two of 110 logos. These logos range from a dragon, to a party hat and from the crafting skill icon to a dwarf. You also get the opportunity to change the colour of each logo, your primary and your secondary clan colour. Given these possibilities, it’s highly unlikely many clans will have the same motif.
Like your motto, the motif also appears on your Vexillum. Your clan cape will also have these colours and symbols.

You not only have your motto to let players know what your clan is about, you can also describe your clan in 10 keywords. However, these keywords must be chosen from a list of presets, presented to you in categories. These keywords will also appear on your Vexillum.

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