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Some Normal Ammo of Runescape

You can range with many different kinds of weapons and ammo; there are plenty of options to choose, of course, you must have enough Runescape Gold, which plays an important role in this game.

There are six types of arrows: bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune. Bronze through adamant arrows are for Free Players, and Members can use all types. Members can also poison their arrows by using weapon poison on the arrows. When you shoot arrows, you must have a bow of some sort equipped. Each arrow has a specific bow needed to be equipped. You cannot wield a Rune Arrows with an Oak Bow, for example.

In addition, a lot of the time, your arrows will break and you will not be able to use them. When your arrows break, they will just disappear while the ones that are already broken on the ground are nothing more than junk spawns. Your arrows will only break about 25% of the time, however if you use the rapid attack style, they will break more often.

Some Normal Ammo of Runescape

Members have a wide array of bolts available for them to use with their crossbows. Players have the choice to stick with regular metal bolts, or add gem tips to them. The regular metal bolts can be poisoned, whilst gem-tipped ones cannot be – they can however, be enchanted using some interesting spells that are available through the Enchant crossbow spell.

Zybez RuneScape Help’s Screenshot of a Crossbow Bolt Pouch
For players who may wish to carry a number of bolts around with them, there are special bolt pouches which you are able to buy from a Keldagrim dwarf salesman. They are untradable, and will disintergrate if dropped, with your bolts appearing on the ground. The pouch has four slots with which you can fill up with 255 of four different types of bolts. To add bolts, simply use them with the pouch. Players are able to toggle between equipped and stored bolts from the crossbow bolt pouch menu.

Mithril Grapple
The mithril grapple is a tool used for scaling tall obstacles such as walls, cliffs and even small river inlets. Rangers can smith a mithril grapple tip using a mith bar, and attach it to a mithril bolt. Once you have the mithril grapple, simply add rope to it and then use it on whichever shortcut you want to bypass. Note that you must have a crossbow equipped to shoot the grapple. Also remember that there is a possibility that your grapply can break when being used, so keep a few on hand or in your bank if you intend to use these shortcuts a lot.

Runescape: Prayer Apparel

There are many different prayers that will do many different things, and different things can bring you different numbers of RS Gold. So praying can decide whether you could be powerful and strong in a way.

When you turn a prayer on it will start draining your prayer points until you have zero prayer points, and you will have to recharge your prayer. This chart also indicates how fast each will drain your prayer points.

Runescape: Prayer Apparel

When you wear clothing that has prayer properties, your prayer equipment stat will rise. Your prayer equipment stat is located in the equipment stat window. The higher your prayer equipment stat is the longer it takes for you to run out of prayer points. This means you will be able to use prayers for longer without having to recharge your prayer points.

There is only one metal-type of armor which is prayer-based: white knight equipment. All pieces of white knight weapons and armour give a +1 boost to prayer, with the mace giving +4.

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Welcome to the Runescapegold2007 official mining guide. In this guide and manual, you will find information on various ores, pickaxes, levels, as well as many other useful details. If you are looking for specific information and know which section it would be under, it is as easy as clicking the section, you want to go to in the Table of Contents and it will take you to that section. So sit back and relax for a while, and we will do our best to explain mining simply and clearly.

Mining is probably the most expansive skill in the game, with 14 different types of rocks, tens if not hundreds of mines throughout the world of RuneScape, and being directly associated with the skill that supplies people with weapons and armour. Mining in itself, just ores and bars, accounts for more than 15% of the RuneScape economy.

Runescape Mining: Basic and Introduction

Mining is a simple, almost self-explanatory skill. To increase your mining level, you mine ores. The higher you raise your level, the more types of ores and rocks you can mine. Once you know your way around mining well you will be able to tell the content of a rock simply by looking at its colour. However, if you do not, there is a handy feature to help you. If you are unsure about a rock, you first want to right-click on it, then click “Prospect.” Your character will then proceed to tell you what is (or perhaps is not) in it.

If you have a pickaxe in your inventory or you are wielding it, you can start mining by finding a level 1 ore, which would be either clay, tin, or copper. It will come slowly at first, but as your level improves, you will find that you get the ores faster with each try.

After you successfully mine an ore, the rock you mined it from will go “grey” temporarily. This means there are no ores available in the rock. Once its colour returns, you can mine it again. The time it remains empty depends on several things. First, each rock has a separate “base” respawn time or the amount of time it takes for the ore to return. This base changes by the amount of people on a server; the more people in the world, the faster the respawn time, and the faster you get your next ore.

Runescape magic tips

This section will teach you some spells tips and tricks from, I hope these would help you to control the spells in the game. Magic plays an extremely important role in RuneScape; it has evolved to be one of the more dominant classes of combat.

High Alchemy
When using the High Alchemy spell on a massive bulk of items, always draw them out as notes. Place these notes on the #16 slot in your inventory, which is in the 4th row, fourth slot from the left.

Then click on your spell list and select High Alchemy spell, once you click on it, it will automatically bring you to your inventory. Having put your notes in the 16th slot already, you do not need to move your mouse anymore.

Please note that you cannot simply keep clicking, as there is a pause time for the animation of you casting the spell to load. Get your timing right. The High Alchemy spell animation will show you casting the spell, which will flash 3 times. After the 3rd flash, you may click on the item to be High Alchemized again. Practice makes perfect, that is the key to fast leveling.

Runescape magic tips

Curse Training
Zybez RuneScape Help’s Screenshot of Boraxx casting Curse
A fairly new and popular method of training magic on pures for those low on cash, is by using curse spells. Many people know of the curse spell (level 19 magic – requires 3 earth runes, 2 water runes, and 1 body rune) which gives good magic XP. What most people do not know is that this can be effectively used over and over with a strategic training method. You gain no HP experience points when training with this, which makes it good for pures.

Firstly, put on some metal armour (such as iron) and head out to a quiet location of your choice that has a lot of monsters in a small area. Stand across from the monsters so they cannot attack you. Wield whatever staff you have less runes of (remember the 2 water 3 earth ratio per spell, and pick the staff to fit you, mud staves are very good since they give both water and earth runes) and try to get your magic attack bonus to as low as possible. When you’re ready, cast curse on the monster, allowing it to splash (fail), thus allowing you to cast it on the same monster again and again. This gains massive magic experience points in a small amount of time, for a minimum amount of cash. You can purchase body runes in bulk from Aubury in Varrock to save even more. A good place to do this is in Varrock sewers.

Do you know the magic in Runescape, which is the practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature. If you can control the magic, you will be very powerful in game, you can even rule the world.

Magic plays an extremely important role in RuneScape; it has evolved to be one of the more dominant classes of combat. Similar to Ranged, which requires the use of arrows; magic uses runes to cast different types of spells.

Magic is the one of the only skills that allows you to utilize combat aspects, as well as profitability aspects. Magic can be divided into modern magic, ancient magic, and lunar magic, each with their own subset of spell-types.

Modern magic has many subsets; enchantment, teleportation, offensive spells, defensive spells, alchemy, binding, and transformation.

Enchanting jewelry has become common practice amongst mages. All types of amulets and rings that contain a gem can be enchanted to give special effects. Some boost stats, while others are used to teleport you to certain places. All enchantments require a cosmic rune, and a certain elemental rune.

How do you know about the Runescape's magic

There are many teleport spells in both modern and ancient magicks. With a high enough magic level, and having completed the correct quests, you can teleport to Varrock, Lumbridge, Trollheim, Camelot, Ardougne, Falador, the Watchtower, and your House. All teleportation spells require a law rune, and some elemental runes. Note that the Lumbridge Home Teleport does NOT require any runes. Watch out for the Lost and Found office that may pull you into a random event abyss.

Zybez RuneScape Help’s Lumbridge Tele Home Spell
Offensive, defensive, and binding spells fall under the same category; combat. There are many types of combat spells, each requiring elemental runes, as well as a specialized rune stone for the spell power. Mind runes relate to the weak, strike spells; chaos runes relate to the mid-strength, bolt spells; death runes relate to the mid-high-strength blast spells; and blood runes relate to the high-powered wave spells and many Ancient spells. Death runes are also used in Iban Blast and Magic dart, while blood runes are also used in the God spells. Offensive magic is very useful while player killing from a great distance, as in the wilderness, or castle wars. Defensive spells are also useful, but only if you appear to be in trouble, or want to help a friend out whom is fighting with melee. For lower levels training on higher level monsters, curse spells help weaken the monster, so as to make it easier for you to finish it off.

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Hunting in Runescape

Not all hunters can earn a lot of Runescape Gold – only some outstanding hunters can be rich by hunting. The hunter skill is separated into differing categories, each with different animals and differing styles of hunting.

The compiled list of information below will explain in detail, what each hunting style is, and how it works. At certain levels you gain the ability to set more traps. The table below shows the levels at which you gain these abilities.

Tracking is rather self-explanatory – you track down your prey. Tracking involves searching for Kebbit prints leading out of Burrows, then following the tracks around by searching nearby plants, rocks and trees. You will probably have to find the rest of the trail about five times before it leads you to the Kebbit you are hunting. At this point it is vital you have your noose wand equipped. After finding the end of the tracks inspect a nearby bush, or something else the Kebbit may be hiding in, and inspect it. You’ll hook yourself a Kebbit if you have the noose wand equipped.

Bird Hunting
Adam’s Screenshot of Tracks
Bird Hunting is a very basic and understandable concept. When bird hunting, always remember to bring at least 2 snares. If you are at a higher level (20-40) bring more snares, as you may set more than one trap. The reason you bring extra snares is because you can often fail to see that one has collapsed, or even lag out, thus losing your snares. As the areas where you catch birds are quite remote, it’s a pain to trek back to a bank or a Hunting Store to get new ones.

Butterfly Catching
While butterfly catching requires concentration at all times, this is a very easy method for levelling up from levels 15 to 40. To catch butterflies, a butterfly net must be wielded, and at least one butterfly jar must be in your inventory. To catch a butterfly, locate one and click on it. You will attempt to catch the butterfly and this, depending on your level, could take many attempts. To speed up hunting butterflies, it is wise to have a lot of butterfly jars in your inventory. This saves time lost repeatedly releasing them. Another, more tricky method, is to find the butterflies respawn spot. Finding it speeds up hunting much faster as there is no need to find the butterfly.

Fall Trapping
Using the fall trapping option is a very good way to collect experience for the Hunter skill. The only downfall is that it can be very popular as well. To set up a fall, you first must have the required items: 1 Knife, Logs (A good amount, any type of log will do), Bait (Varies on the creature, not required but recommended), and Proper clothing for the certain area you are in (Not required once again, but recommended). Once you have those items, head over to a spot that looks like this. Basically it looks like a bunch of boulders on the ground. First set up your fall by clicking on the boulder, this will automatically take out the logs from your bag and set it up. Next, this is recommended, click on your ‘bait’ (Once again varies on the animal, it might be raw meat to fish to even barley) and use it on the fall. Then sit there and wait, eventually the creature will get close and go under the trap. The boulder will then fall and fall on top of the creature. Click on the boulder again and collect the drops.

Box Trapping
Box trapping is used to capture Chinchompas in the woodland area, Red Chinchompas in the jungle and – with the release of the quest Eagles’ Peak – Ferrets. To trap an animal, simply set up a box trap (bought from any hunting store) and place it in the area where the hunted animal is. Then your trap can be baited (different animals like different baits):

Chinchompa (Woodland) Spicy Chopped Tomato
Red Chinchompa (Jungle) Spicy Minced Meat
Your trap can also be smoked by using a lit torch; this will remove any scent you left behind which decreases the intervals at which they come to you. This, like any trap, has a chance of failing – if an animal walks up to it and pauses, it may spring the trap prematurely, startling it, but not catching it.

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Hunter in Runescape

To be a hunter is also a nice way to earn Runescape Gold – some guys may interested in what you got in a hunting. The Hunter skill is unlike many other skills in-game, being based moreover on patience above training strategy. Players that have started this skill have experienced tracking and catching numerous animals, most of which are newly introduced.

The Hunter skill also introduced a new range of equipment, some of which includes tribal-like helms, capes, gloves, and even live animals! In order to start hunting you must buy hunting equipment from players or from hunting stores. Hunting stores are located in Yanille and Nardah (south-east of Pollnivneach).


Once you have your equipment, you’re all set to hunt. The first animals you are able to hunt are Crimson Swifts and Polar Kebbits. The Crimson Swifts are located in the Jungle Hunting Area, and the Polar Kebbits are located in the Snow Hunting Area. For more details visit their respective sections.

There is a lot of hunter equipment that is available from hunter stores in certain places throughout RuneScape. These include traps, snares and different tools used to trap or provoke the creatures of Runescape.

The following table describes all of the Hunter equipment you can purchase and use from Hunter stores

The Hunter Crossbow requires level 50 ranged to use, and gives +55 range attack bonus. It uses kebbit bolts, which are akin to adamant arrows in power.